Thank you for replying and answering my question about the revenue implications of the capital budget set out in the Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan. On the subject of the budget consultation process; The Council offers a telephone contact option for electors who want to ask questions about budget consultation documents. The telephone option I used last week put me through to a ‘customer service’ team after a wrangle with the automated answering service. I was assured by the team that I would be contacted with an answer to my question. I wasn’t. On calling the team again they said they were not qualified to answer my question. This why I contacted you and Cllr Wenham directly. I am sure you can appreciate the frustration this would cause any elector who wants to participate in budget consultation in an informed and more meaningful way through a better understanding of the alternatives electors’ political representatives can choose between.

Please forward these comments to whoever is responsible for the Council’s ‘customer service’ team and the budget consultation process.


Michael Stonnell

Chair Sundon Parish Council