Mr Jeremy Youle

Thank you for your work on conducting the Stage 1 Examination of the Luton Local Plan. Irrespective of the outcome Sundon Parish Council was disappointed with the examination process. The separate issues of Duty to Cooperate and soundness were conflated to such an extent during the examination it appeared you were conducting an examination of Stage 2 matters during the examination of the Council’s Duty to Cooperate obligation.

The conflation of these issues led to hypothetical discussion and tacit agreement between the Council and Central Bedfordshire Council about a quantum of the Council’s unmet housing need and its location at Houghton Regis North and the Green Belt north of Luton part of which is in the Chilterns AONB.

Sundon Parish Council appreciates the potential benefits of an agreement between the Council and its neighbours. However, this should not override sound evidence for a particular quantum of housing and its location.

During the examination the Council stated the studies that will provide evidence for or against an overall quantum of unmet housing need and its location had not been completed. One example of these studies is a Green Belt Review. Sundon Parish Council does not want to believe evidence from this review and other pertinent studies will support a predetermined negotiated outcome. But it is becoming increasingly obvious this will be the case.

Michael Stonnell