You may have begun to wonder about the outcome of my challenge concerning the Council providing me with false information. The issue set out in my 7th November 2017 blog post ‘More false Information from Central Bedfordshire Council? and my blog post 29th October 2017 ‘Is Central Bedfordshire Council’s Cllr Nigel Young misleading the Council’s Executive Committee with False Information?’.

I was advised by the Local Government Ombudsman to complain directly to the Chief Executive of Central Bedfordshire Council. For your interest here are some emails between myself and the officers investigating my complaint. Complaint

A key point I raised in my complaint was the timing of the judgement quashing the planning appeal decision of a Planning Inspector who heard the planning appeal I cited in the afore mentioned blog posts. For your information here is the order quashing the Planning Inspectors decision. Order 13.11.17_1 (2)

From reading my blog posts and complaint emails you should be able to conclude that the Council’s Director of Regeneration in his email to me on 31st October had falsely claimed the Planning Inspector’s appeal decision had been quashed shortly after the Planning Inspector published the appeal decision on the 21st August 2017 rather than on the 10th November 2017 the date the decision was formally quashed.

Clearly the Director of Regeneration chose to claim the Planning Inspector’s appeal decision had been quashed when the decision had not been quashed.

So far the Council’s  Chief Executive the person to whom I addressed my complaint has not formally responded to my complaint on behalf of the Council and as yet has not backed the Director of Regeneration’s statement about the quashing of the Planning Inspector’s appeal decision.