The story so far

  • On 21st December 2012 Barton Willmore LLP Houghton Regis North Application Form Public submitted a planning application CB/12/03613/OUT Houghton Regis North Planning Application for the development of Houghton Regis North Site 1, comprising land on the North West Side of Sundon Road, Houghton Regis.
  • On the 10th April 2014 St Albans Diocesan Property Company Limited purchased the land on the North West side of Sundon Road Houghton Regis for £1.7m. Houghton Regis North Property Title
  • On the 2nd of June 2014 Central Bedfordshire Council’s Development Management Committee approved planning application CB/12/03613/OUT.
  • On the 11th May 2017 the £160m A5-M1 Link road was opened.
  • As of today, 13th August 2018, none of the proposed developments set out in planning application CB/12/03613/OUT have materialised.

Profit Tiers

  • St Albans Diocesan Property Company Limited expects a return on its £1.7m investment so prior to registering its purchase of land on the North West Side of Sundon Road Houghton Regis it agrees to let a consortium of 6 land development companies, develop parcels of land on the North West Side of Sundon Road providing each of the 6 companies pay it a fee.
    • These 6 land management companies are; Lands Improvement Holdings Houghton Regis S. A.R. L., Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited, Landmatch Limited, Lands Improvements Holdings Limited, Houghton Regis Management Company Limited and Trillium Holdings Limited. 5 of these 6 land management companies have Aron Jon Burns  liknkedin named as Company Secretary.  Details about the filings and the other people involved with running each of these companies can be found here at Companies House .
  • These land management companies then each choose a developer, who pays each land management company a fee, to build the facilities, for example, the housing set out in planning application (CB/12.03613/OUT) on each of the 6 parcels of land that make up Houghton Regis North Site 1. The level of this fee directly affects the pricing of housing built on a parcel of land and the amount of affordable housing that can be viably delivered.

When the Conservative led Central Bedfordshire Council approved planning application (CB/12/03613/OUT) it started a process that potentially generates 3 profit tiers. So how may some of these profits end up in the British Virgin Islands where the tax paid on them is lower than in the United Kingdom?

Trillium is controlled by the Pears family, it owns about a third of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) estate, including Job Centres, the pension service and child maintenance offices. Also, Trillium and its subsidiary companies are responsible for £3. 2 billion a year 20-year deal to manage and provide property services for the DWP offices.

Trillium’s parent company Trillium Holdings is owned by London Wall Outsourcing which in turn is owned by London Wall Outsourcing Holdings Limited. This company is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. The ultimate controlling entity is the B Pears family trust in Bermuda. Since 2008 London Wall Outsourcing accounts reveal that £666.7m has been sent in profits/dividends to its British Virgin Isles based parent Trillium Holdings.

One of the Pears brothers, Trevor, part funded David Cameron’s leadership campaign in 2005 with 2 £10 000 payments. It would have been around this time that Central Bedfordshire Council and the Conservative MP Andrew Selous would have been in the early stages of formulating their ‘Development Strategy for Central Bedfordshire 2011-2031’ that earmarked Houghton Regis North Site 1 for development.  Details about the Pears family’s business dealings can be found here at Social Investigations .