Here are four documents: 1) Luton Borough Council and London Luton Airport Limited; Questions & Answers LBC-LLAL QandA 2) London Luton Airport Holdings 1 Limited Financial Statements December 2017 Londondon Luton Airport Holdings 1 Limited 31 December 2017 3) London Luton Airport Limited Financial Statements March 2017 London Luton Airport Limited Financial Statements 31 March 2017 and 4) Planning Act 2008 Guidance on the pre-application process Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects Pre Application Guidance March 2015 These documents show the relationship between three legally sperate entities and the process steps required to ensure proper public consultation on London Luton Airport expansion and development options.

London Luton Airport Limited recently finished pre-application non-Statutory consultation on options for the expansion of London Luton Airport. The Planning Act 2008: Guidance on the pre-application process, explains the role of the applicant during the pre-application process. According to documents produced for the purpose of non-statutory consultation London Luton Airport Limited has assumed the role of applicant. But is London Luton Airport Limited legally the applicant, responsible for applying for a Development Consent Order to expand passenger capacity at London Luton Airport, or is the legally responsible applicant, London Luton Airport Holdings 1 Limited who are the company who control London Luton Airport Limited, or is it Luton Borough Council who own a 50% shareholding in London Luton Airport Limited?