Recently there have been many comments in the media about how to deal with waste plastic. China’s refusal to process more of the UK’s waste plastic has led our Government toward considering who to send what it calls a ‘valuable resource’ to instead of China. Currently our Government’s decision is to send our waste plastic to other countries who are ill equipped to deal with it.

There seems there is a general consensus building that waste plastic is damaging the global environment, although there are still some people who continue to deny waste plastic is a global environmental problem for a variety of spurious reasons.

Clearly the problem of waste plastic can be solved by Government and Local Government providing they have the will to do so. Two solutions to this problem are:

  1. Use legislation and its assiduous enforcement to stop plastic use. However, Government’s efforts on the legislative front have been thwarted by clubbable people who operate syndicates to protect their own interests.
  2. Increase recycling of waste plastic. However, Local Government have failed to educate their citizens as to what waste plastic can be recycled and to provide the facilities to process the waste plastic that can be recycled, preferring instead to incinerate it rather than recycle it. As waste plastic is oil based then incinerating it leads to air pollution and increases in the consumption of energy necessary to incinerate the waste plastic. So although a preferred solution of some local governments, incineration damages the global environment and therefore the public should protest against the use of incineration to deal with the problem of waste plastic.

As I stated earlier the problem of waste plastic is the responsibility of Government because if the public said to plastic producers stop producing plastic the producers would ignore the public in order to continue to perpetuate their interests i.e, their investment in plastics production facilities.

So Government get on with the job of solving the problem of waste plastic rather than playing politics with such an extremely important global environmental issue.