Truth is information and a lie is Fake information. One of the biggest lies I have ever heard in my lifetime was used by Tony Blair as a justification to support the United States of America’s Iraq War.

Blair claimed Sadam Hussain’s Government had weapon’s of mass destruction that could be used either against his own people our against the USA and its allies.

Although at the time there was much Parliamentary discussion about what kind of weapons of mass destruction could be immediately deployed by the Iraquis to thwart  the USA and its allies. Parliament decided that the United Kingdom should support the United States of America in its war against Iraq.

A report, also known as the ‘dodgy dossier’ was produced by the UK’s intelligence services. The report set out what were the weapons of mass destruction and included an assessment of the probability of their deployment against the USA and its allies, the United Kingdom for example. It was this document that was used by Blair as justification for war against Iraq.

After the war had ended the Chilcot inquiry was launched to establish the reliability of the information in the ‘dodgy dossier’ as in the run up to the war there were mass protests against the war across Europe. Particularly here in the UK people were opposed to the war and therefore there was much political controversy. Therefore, the need for an inquiry to establish the reliability of the justification for the war was a necessary means of blaming someone for what turned out to be a calamitous aftermath. So calamitous it can be argued in one way or another that it pathed the way for the rise of ISIS across the Middle East and beyond.

I think it is fair to say that Chilcot’s conclusion was that Tony Blair had known that there were no weapons of mass destruction ready for deployment despite the fact that the ‘dodgy dossier’ said there was’. Thus the justification for the Iraq War was a lie.