In my last blogpost I wrote about about how a lie was used by Tony Blair as a justification for supporting the United States of America’s war on Iraq.

The argument I set out cursorily, that is, without noticing the details, covered the the role of some Parliamentarians who I think in retrospect probably supported the Iraq War because they were primarily personally concerned with weapons of mass destruction being deployed by the Iraqi Government against its own people, some of who were discontent with their Government’s running of their country.

In this blogpost I shall continue arguing that the truth is more interesting than a lie by writing about how some crafty politicians exploit the publics tendency to believe false information rather than consider whether that information is reliable.

The tone of the most recent referendum on whether to remain or leave the European Union according to media accounts seems to have been based on public sentiments towards migrants. Indeed if media pundits comments are correct then it was this issue that swung the vote in favour of leaving the European Union.

The public who are under the time pressure of dealing with everyday life, for example, taking their children to nursery or school before  going to work and planning their day to achieve their objectives, such time for leisure activities and preparations for meal times, understandably have very little time left in their day to test the reliability of the information provided to them by politicians through multiple media channels. As a consequence the public tend to be satisfied with their belief that unreliable or false information is in fact true.

Crafty politicians who I consider to be responsible for orchestrating the tone of the referendum often do not want to publicly disagree with their electorates because of the personal electoral damage such disagreement may cause them personally, find it easier to let the public continue to believe in false information rather than criticise the reliability of this information because it supports their overall justification for leaving the European union, that was, probably their dislike of the trans European Government the European Union had become.

So in conclusion the truth is clearly more interesting than a lie or to what I have referred to in my blogposts as false information.