Today, the BBC reports about shortages in NHS drug treatments due to the Brexit debacle.     The probable consequences of this circumstance have been on the Government’s agenda  for a long time. But as yet, due to Brexit politicking the Government’s response to drug treatment shortages has been woeful.

It appears to the thoughtful members of the public that just because Brexit politicians are incapable of cooperating in any way with the European Union we will all have to suffer the consequences, of which shortages in NHS drug treatments, are but one example.

Clearly our Government is failing to look after its people. But what parliamentary political group is looking out for the public? The Labour Party NO! Both Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, and that useless Deputy Leader Tom Watson, who always seems to be absent from the centre of the stage, promised a General Election if our Government lost a Parliamentary vote of no confidence. However, it has been obvious for a long time that Labour would never be able to deliver this promise. As fundamentally the Labour leadership has been wedded to the notion of leaving the European Union for a long time, but for political reasons they have felt unable to communicate that fact to their party members and the public as a whole.  Essentially, their prescription to remedy the Brexit debacle has been a set of sophisticated arguments centred on the theme of an as yet undisclosed better Brexit settlement.

So what Political group are in the the best position to save us from the Brexit debacle? Perhaps it is the Green Party who are diligently cooperating with those in Parliament who wish to remain in the European Union to secure a ‘People’s Vote.’