Thank you for your prompt reply to my complaint which is yet to be resolved. I appreciate that the planning application in question(16/01400/OUTEIA)received a large volume of correspondence. One part of this correspondence was in the form of a petition from a campaign group called @saveourtownltn. Also, I appreciate that this petition and the other public correspondence was only one material consideration when the Council’s Development Control Committee decided to give its consent to the planning application16/01400/OUTEIA However, neither of us can know what weight each individual Development Control Committee member gave to this one material consideration when they voted to consent to planning application16/01400/OUTEIA. Hence the substance of my complaint is that public petitions should not be a material consideration in planning decision taking at all, because of of their obvious shortcomings that I set out in my letter of complaint to the Council. 
Further, Sandra I notice that in your reply to my complaint you have not yet acknowledged whether the petition’s signatories were old enough to consent to have their personal data, for example, their name address, and age, published in the reports pack given to members of the Council’s Development Control Committee prior to their planning decision taking. Also, I is not my job to read Committee reports to ensure they are legally compliant with Article 8 of the General Data Protection Regulations. It is the Council’s job as it is the body to whom the data was given. So please could the Council provide me with its assessment of whether all the public comments, including those made via petition, the Council has received are legally compliant?
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Dear Sir, I have been passed your complaint to respond to. Your complaint is:- “On the 16thJanuary 2019 Luton Borough Council’s Development Control Committee consented to Planning Application 16/01400/OUTEIA without properly considering the shortcomings of its own Development Framework that allows its planning decision-taking to be influenced buy Public Petitions that are in favour of a development as it is described in a planning application. The use of a Public petition is inappropriate for this purpose because they are not representative of Luton’s total population of 211228 people (ref: population Census 2011). And because there is no way of knowing whether some of the petition’s signatories were coerced or bribed to sign the petition! Also, there is no way of knowing whether some of the claimed 10000 signatories are representative sample of Luton’s total population. Finally, there is also no way of knowing the ages of the signatories or whether they are old enough to have consented under the recent General Data Protection Regulations GDPR, for their personal data to be published.” The recently determined planning application was the subject of significant public consultation where interested parties were able to raise their concerns and the Local Planning Authority received a large volume of correspondence during this process and this was only one material consideration. A copy of the Committee report is available to view on the democracy pages of the Councils website which sets out what the planning considerations were. If after reading the report you feel that concerns you raised during the process have not been taken into account, please feel free to provide me with a copy of your original comments and identify any issues you have in order that I can respond. RegardsSandra RichardsonTeam Leader, Planning ApplicationsDevelopment Control01582 546317 


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